During the seminar “Redirected” participants exchanged experiences about the facilitation of interactive virtual learning through the use of different digital platforms, and shared best practices on digital tools and methods of digital youth work. Here you can find the booklet of the tools used

During the training course “Game elements in Non-formal education,” several games were created and collected in the manual below. The manual contains 3 different educational games that participants created, each of the games has different mechanics and dynamics.

From June 2-11, 2022, eight youngsters from Latvia participated in the project called “Democracy Challenge” that took place in Kaunas, Lithuania. It was organized by LT organization “Neribota ateitis”. Aim of the project was – to draw attention to the importance of citizenship and to gain knowledge about the democratic system.   

This e-booklet is one of the results which was created with participants after the project.

The main output from the project “Browse your education” was a toolkit about media literacy for youth workers. The toolkit consists of different activities that are designed to increase the media literacy skills in participants.

It has 5 chapters:

Fake News, Hate Speech, Cyberbullying and Cybersafety, Being Viral, Workshops and games on Digital Education

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