Once upon a time: fairy tales and myths across Europe was a KA1 youth exchange, which was implemented from 31st of August till the 7th of September in Jūrmala, Latvia totally involving 40 participants from Latvia, Italy Hungary, and Finland. During the exchange the participants promoted intercultural learning and sensitivity through puppetry and storytelling, sharing traditional fairy tales, created and implemented a common intercultural tale on the topic of intercultural learning for young people, and presented it to the public as a puppet show to other young people at an international and local level. This project was a result of cooperation among – EvolvingYOUth (Latvia) – Kulturális Kapcsolatokért Alapítvány (Hungary) – Association for Cultural Relations (Finland) – Associazione Studenti per la Città (Italy) – Youthfully Yours SK (Slovakia).

more about the youth exchange you can read here – https://evolvingyouth1.medium.com/once-upon-a-time-myths-and-fairy-tales-across-europe-3a56ce2f4319

Presentation of the puppet theatre

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