From 24th of September till 1st of October we hosted an amazing youth exchange for 40 young people from Lithuania, Portugal, Italy, Hungary, Czechia, Spain and Poland.

The week-long event was more than just an exchange; it was a dynamic exploration of improvisational theatre as a tool for social change, community inclusion, and personal empowerment.

The overarching goal of the exchange was clear: to elevate the participation and involvement of young people in social processes and ignite positive change within their local communities. Moreover, the program aimed to foster a supportive environment for the inclusion of marginalized groups, using the innovative and interactive methods of improvisational theatre.

Throughout the week, participants engaged in a series of workshops designed to deepen their understanding of theatre and improvisation. These workshops covered a diverse range of topics, including fundamental questions like “What is theatre?” and “What is improvisational theatre?” The exploration extended to storytelling, associations, effective communication through techniques like “Sell It To Me,” overcoming challenges with “Your Screen Froze,” honing active listening skills, and collaborative exercises like “Yes, And.”

The participants, representing a rich mosaic of cultures, shared their unique perspectives and experiences, enriching the collective learning environment. The variety of workshops allowed everyone to contribute and learn from each other, creating a space for cultural exchange and mutual understanding.

One of the highlights of the exchange was the final show held in the heart of Riga, at Tallinas ielas pagalms. The participants showcased their newfound skills and creativity in a collaborative performance that encapsulated the essence of improvisational theatre. The show not only demonstrated the participants’ growth throughout the week but also served as a bridge to connect with the local community, sharing the transformative power of improvisation.

participants experienced a profound transformation, gaining not only new friendships but also conquering the fear of public speaking. The workshops on improvisational theatre not only introduced them to the fundamental concepts of spontaneity and adaptability but also fostered an environment of trust and collaboration. As a result, creativity soared, and participants found a newfound sense of empowerment and confidence. The activities were not only educational but also infused with fun, creating a space where the fear of making mistakes was replaced with an understanding that mistakes are an integral part of the learning process. The participants embraced the notion that there’s no need to try to be funny; it either happens naturally or not. This mindset encouraged them to let go of the fixation on results and instead focus on the immersive process. Ultimately, the exchange became a celebration of mistakes, recognizing that they are valuable stepping stones to personal and artistic growth.

Thanks to all the partners:

Geoclube – Associação Juvenil

Associazione TDM 2000


Marijampoles jaunimno klubas “Dimera”


Asociación K’MON

Fundacja Rozwoju Spolecznosci Lokalnych “Inicjatywa”

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