The aim of the project is to promote the professional development of youth workers in an international environment, thereby promoting the capacity of the organizations involved in the project and improving work with youth.

The project is intended for persons who are professionally related to the field of youth – youth workers, youth affairs specialists, mentors, support persons, youth leaders, social workers, teachers and other persons involved in work with youth.

According to the plan, it is possible to implement various types of professional development activities in the project:

  • Study visits and research visits – the purpose of the activity is to give a group of youth workers the opportunity to get acquainted with youth work in another country in a short period of time. A certain topic is chosen for the study visit, during which meetings are organized with various organizations, familiarization with the projects and practices implementing them, etc. activities that help to understand the chosen topic.
  • Contact building seminars – the purpose of the activity is to give participants the opportunity to find new partners for building international cooperation in the field of youth, as well as for developing project ideas. It is an opportunity to strengthen existing cooperation networks.
  • Training courses – the aim of the activity is to improve the participants’ competences (knowledge, skills and attitudes) by learning new methods or approaches to use in their work with young people, for example in work with a specific target group.
  • Seminars and working groups – the aim of the activity is to promote discussion and exchange of good practices between the participating participants on the chosen topic related to youth work.

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