On the 24th of April, a local workshop was convened in the city of Cēsis, aimed at engaging young members of the community.

The aim was to bring together a group of young individuals from the local community to engage in a dialogue that would address the various challenges, benefits, and risks associated with the use of digital platforms.

The discussion was facilitated to encourage the exchange of knowledge and experiences amongst the participants, with the goal of promoting a better understanding of how to safely navigate the digital landscape. The workshop was designed to equip the attendees with the necessary tools and insights to make informed decisions when it comes to using social media platforms, while also highlighting the importance of digital literacy and cyber safety. Through this focus group discussion, the attendees were encouraged to actively engage with the topic and learn from one another, thus fostering a collaborative learning environment that promotes responsible and informed digital citizenship.

The session was organized and led by Evolving Youth, an organization that provided an extensive program, an agenda, guidelines, as well as tips and tools for the effective implementation of the focus group discussion.

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