3 brīvas vietas uz jauniešu apmaiņu Gruzijā, Lagodekhi “Ecology challenge“ 25.jūlijs (arrival day) – 7.augusts (departure day).

Mērķis – This eco-education project aims to make young people discover the natural integrity and harmony, and foresee the effects of their actions on the environment their feedback effect. Learning to develop a responsible attitude of young people towards the conservation of natural resources, to promote the contribution to the solution o environmental problems and the reduction of environmental damage.

Activities – interactive lessons on ecology and environmental protection; practical-creative tasks; thematic tours in National Park; cleaning activities, production of video film; presentation of the project to the local community; intercultural evenings; discussion, evaluation and self-assessment.

Methods – get to know each other games, team building tasks, situation games, video presentation, public speaking, creative activities, teamwork, hike, discussionsParticipant’s profile:18-29 years old

The project involves young, active, motivated, interested in ecology, its ways and its possibilities.

Travel costs reimbursed up to 360 EUR, accommodation and catering fully covered

application form – https://forms.gle/kfDWpLLMkUzpr2wt7

Infopack – Infopack-ecology-challenge-PDF.pdf – Google disks

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