➡️Cagliari, Sardinia

➡️18th – 24th August

🎯The main goal: Gain knowledge, get a new perspective and adopt new methods in order to prevent cyberbullying and bring innovation with new tools on cyberbullying fighting and prevention
Participant’s profile:

📌Youth workers

📌 20+

📌 eager to learn innovative tools and methodologies

📌Open-minded and actively involved in the activities of their organization

All the activities prepared will be based on non-formal education methodology mixed with formal education.
Altogether the training course will gather 20 youth workers from 9 different countries. By participating you will gain knowledge and skills on how to implement innovative tools in daily work with youth, new perspectives, new contacts for future projects and activities.

If you are interested, write to the organization’s email – evolvingyouth1@gmail.com

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