Bridge to Europe was a Training Course that took place from April 17 to 26 in Aruba.

This project brought together different Youth Leaders and Workers from 8 different countries across the EU and Dutch overseas territories in the Caribbean. The project was hosted by @cedearuba and included members of the @tdm2000international

The objectives of the project were:

  • To explore the concept of European citizenship and related concepts such
    as democracy, rights and responsibilities, social and political activism, and
    youth participation
  • To analyze the four dimensions (political, social, economic, and cultural)
    of citizenship in the youth field
  • To increase the sense of belonging to Europe and spread European values
    in overseas territories by encouraging participation in any election and with
    a special focus on those regions, focusing on the 2024 EU elections
  • To boost youth workers’ skills and provide concrete tools to facilitate their
    work in citizenship education with young people, especially those with
    fewer opportunities;
  • To exchange good examples of active participation and citizenship in
    practice and develop youth workers and organizations networks between
    the European mainland and European overseas territories
  • To create a (Padlet) guide with tools for participatory action research
    available for every youth worker and run local campaigns to participate in
    democratic processes and the 2024 EU elections.

It also looked at the different realities of the participants coming from their respective countries and experiencing the local context first hand.

Moreover, the project explored different methods of how to work with youth and different tools which can be used to facilitate integration and learning. The participants had the opportunity to share tools via non-formal learning methods related to different aspects of citizenship.

The program also provided a platform for participants to understand each other’s realities and local contexts. Furthermore, it explored various methods and tools for youth work, facilitating integration and learning through non-formal methods. The participating partners included Centro pa Desaroyo di Aruba, Caribbean Youth and Sports Foundation Sint Maarten, EvolvingYOUth Latvia, Iuventa Nevladina Organizacija Udruzenje Serbia, Stichting F.E.L.I.S. Curacao, TDM 2000 ODV Italy, TERRA DI MEZZO Malta, CXJV Conexão Jovem Associação Portugal, and Voice Of The Youth St Maarten Foundation Sint Maarten.

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