From May 20-28, the scenic town of Steinholt, Norway, hosted an inspiring youth exchange titled “Code of Ethics – Digital Detox.” This event brought together 60 young people from Norway, Turkey, Poland, Latvia, Ukraine, Romania, and Slovakia.

Throughout this dynamic project, participants engaged in various activities and discussions aimed at raising awareness and fostering responsible behavior in the digital world. Key highlights included:

👉🏼Sharing Personal Experiences: Participants had the opportunity to openly discuss their digital lives, comparing their experiences with peers from different countries.

👉🏼 Understanding Online Privacy: In-depth sessions were held on the importance of virtual privacy and the role of democracy in ensuring online safety.

👉🏼 Discussing Technology’s Impact: Thought-provoking discussions explored both the positive and negative aspects of technological advancements.

👉🏼 Learning About Cyberbullying and Online Abuse: Participants gained insights into cyberbullying, hate speech, discrimination, and the malicious use of technology and AI.

The event was a unique opportunity for young people to become more conscious of their digital actions and responsibilities, promoting a safer and more ethical online environment.


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